Welcome to Blacksod Bay Leonbergers. Our home and small kennel sits just outside of Denver, CO.

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Whether you’re newly researching the Leonberger breed or you’re familiar with it I’m glad you’ve chosen an LCA approved breeder to place your trust in when determining to welcome a Leo pup into your home.


My Leo journey started just a short time ago in 2014. I started out like many by researching and learning all I can about the breed. I interviewed many breeders and after choosing the perfect one and them choosing me I went on their puppy waiting list. After I brought my gal Shea home (aka CH Caprock Apple Springs CGC TDI) from the amazing Lynn & Jim Gregory, my family and I just fell head over heels in love with her and the breed itself!


We of course went to all the required puppy socialization and obedience classes and then graduated with a Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) title from the American Kennel Club. From there I knew I wanted to preform therapy work. So, we trained HARD for that test and thankfully passed with Therapy Dogs International.


After that we went and did all the LCA required testing that needs to be completed at the age of two and submitted the results to The Orthopedic Foundation of Animals which helps with keeping the Leonberger Health Foundation ,Worldwide Independent Leonberger Database and International Leonberger Database up-to-date. The test were (Eyes, LPN1/LPN2, LEMP, Hip & Elbows and Thyroid. After I saw how healthy she was, PLUS her amazing temperament, I knew in my heart that she would be a great candidate to be bred.


That’s what led me to the dog show world! We started out by going to a handful of dog confirmation handler classes. We went to a dog show and paid a professional handler to show Shea. What I learned from all of that was, we enjoyed it very much! If I wanted to continue showing, I would need to invest in myself.  So, I went back to school and took an 8 week dog handling course. It was once a week for 4 hours. Three hours in the classroom and 1 hour handling our dogs in the ring. After that it was participating in weekly practices.


I signed up for my very first show in Pueblo, Colorado. I was so nervous! The show was 4 days long. We lost the first 3 days and on the 4th day I remembered feeling calm and defeated, haha! I said to myself,  let’s go have fun Shea and we won a 5 point Major! Yep, I cried like a baby! The best part was my Mom, Husband, Son, friends and The Frontier Leonberger Club of the Southwest (FLCSW) my Leo family were there to witness our first great accomplishment in the show ring. I couldn’t have achieved this without all of them. The hard work paid off and I felt so relieved. It took a few more shows and we finished Shea’s AKC Championship.


At this stage I had no reservations and knew I needed/wanted to breed Shea and become a breeder. This phase of learning was the most intimidating. I felt like, will I ever know enough? Train enough? to be a part of the elite circle of breeders where they have the honor of continuing the betterment of the Leonberger breed? The simple answer was yes! The fact is I will never stop learning, EVER! I want the very best for this breed and I will continue to educate myself and surround myself with people that inspire me. I have a passion like no other for this breed and I am determined to succeed!


My breeder goals are to maintain genetic diversity. I strive to produce top quality family companions and show dogs that meet the breed standard. What I look for first when I meticulously choose a stud dog is temperament and health. Then I focus on features to improve. My wish is to one day in the next 60 years be known for helping this XL breed live longer lives and to eradicate some of health issues that take our babies away from us too soon.